The first sea contest ended biomedicine projects overseas talent gathering in Ji

December 4, 2015 to 6, the first Chinese entrepreneurship Park competition and the sea - Chinese (Ji'nan) trough Innovation Contest Finals and awards ceremony held in Ji'nan high tech zone. The 30 finalists contest of entrepreneurial team site Project roadshow and review of the respondent, after fierce competition, the final 12 projects won the talent shows itself, "sea Cup" "medicine cup" one or two, third-prize. Among them, the development of high purity metal nano materials production equipment and industrial production project, the treatment of innovative antibodies and long-term protein drug industry platform project won the first prize.
Duan Junhu, deputy director of the torch center of science and technology, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech, stressed the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in action. The contest with "dream China, create the future" as the theme, including two events. Among them, "hosted by a contest" China Overseas Students Pioneer Park alliance, focusing on overseas talent project; the "trough contest" jointly sponsored by the Ji'nan high tech Zone and the alliance, oriented to the biomedical field.
It is understood that the contest officially launched in July this year, the organizing committee has in Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, held a tournament that will, by the end of the contest, the Organizing Committee received a total of 238 entries, of which 152 passed the qualification examination into the preliminaries, mostly concentrated in biological medicine and medical devices, electronic information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, new materials and other emerging industries, cultural and creative. The expert group review and online publicity, there are 30 high-quality projects to qualify for the finals, and ultimately selected "sea Cup" "Valley Cup" the 6 winning teams.
Deputy director of Ji'nan hi tech Zone, Cui Zhiqiang said, the main force, Ji'nan hi tech innovation service center and entrepreneurship Park as a high-tech zone to attract overseas talent in recent years, in the center of the Ministry of science and technology under the guidance of, and actively integrate social resources, continue to extend business incubator nursery + + accelerator + industrial park the incubator service chain, improve the service system of innovation and entrepreneurship, gradually formed its own characteristics, the build has also made remarkable achievements in the area of bio pharmaceutical industry, has been initially built Ji'nan trough development platform and Industrial Park, gathered all kinds of biological pharmaceutical enterprises more than 650, sales revenue reached about 30000000000 yuan, a number of leading international first, even the development projects approved, the future will become the new engine of technology and industrial development.
"Public entrepreneurship, innovation is becoming a new engine of economic growth Chinese, overseas talent is the vanguard and main force", Chinese entrepreneurship Park League Secretary General Lang Jing said, in this competition, the successful integration of the government, colleges, service organizations, enterprises and other types of elements of innovation and entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneurship, investment fund industry the driving force of capital, effective mining of excellent talents at home and abroad and the project, but also makes the country to study Pioneering Park home support innovation and Entrepreneurship of overseas talents, as well as the "Ji'nan Valley" on the field gathering fostering function to better play by.
In addition, during the event also held a "Chinese Ji'nan trough cross-border forum", discusses the information technology and biomedical fusion; held a "China entrepreneurship Park hundred enterprises service symposium summary", how to communicate better in enterprise business park service experience; the organization of national entrepreneurship Park "sea Cup" the sports tournament, deepen Park and inter enterprise relationship.