Ji'nan, a company will sell a 120 thousand price


Ji'nan October 12th news (reporter Ma Junji) a little mouse can be worth much money? Hatch in Ji'nan trough Ji'nan pan l Biological Technology Co. Ltd. the answer is 120 thousand. This is the introduction of talent from Harvard University, Ji'nan City, the establishment of enterprises to make small mice on the back of the regeneration of the human skin, to fill the domestic blank also sold a high price".
The company relies on the rise of Pan Ji'nan trough to create a chain from research and development, bio pharmaceutical industry chain and technology industrialization pilot, complete, "12th Five-Year" period, the Ji'nan trough will hatch bio pharmaceutical enterprises 200, transformation of high-tech projects in 1000, the sales income of 50 billion yuan.
Mice reproduce the full function of human skin, the world's first to sell about 100 thousand astronomical
Today morning, the eleventh national network media journalists came Shandong bank is located in Ji'nan high tech Zone in Ji'nan trough. The hatch in Ji'nan pan liter biological technology limited company, only a "super" mouse let the reporters amazed.
Dazhong reporter saw the company rise experiment center in the pan in homes, there raised a little mouse shape and normal mice did not differ, but most of the rat skin without hair, skin is nude color. But the little mouse on the back of a piece of one inch square skin and other different positions, the skin color is slightly dark, it is still a long black hair. Ji'nan Pan Sheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. chief engineer Wu Xunwei said, these mice they called "nude", this is the use of skin stem cells regenerated technology in nude mice of human skin, because this one inch square of human skin, every nude rats value up to 8-12 million yuan.
Wu Xunwei said, has been, the medical profession are trying to create the skin in vitro, used to replace the body's damaged skin tissue. So far, there have been a variety of artificial skin come out, but these artificial skin and real skin compared with a large gap. "The entire skin, including epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue and its associated organs at different levels, and these artificial skin generally contain only the epidermis and dermis." Wu Xunwei said, this means that the metabolism of these artificial skin are not complete, and the company's technology makes up pan regenerated nude mice of human skin with intact skin structure except with epidermal, dermal and subcutaneous layers containing hair follicles, sweat glands, blood vessels, nerves and skin appendages, have pigmentation, hair regeneration and circulating growth. Regenerate skin without scar, can establish their own stem cells and their microenvironment, can respond to trauma, to achieve no scar healing, while the exercise of normal skin function.
"This technology is one of the best in the world, and it's one of the best in the world. These small nude mice are the standard model of human skin, which has caused a big stir in the academic world." Wu said, "it was the first time to achieve in vitro isolation of cultured human skin cells to regenerate a complete functional skin."
Harvard returned soon Dr. Ji'nan trough, skin regeneration technology products from the world springs
Company founder Dr. Wu Xunwei worked in Germany before returning mapco Institute and Harvard Medical School as a researcher, long-term commitment to human skin regeneration research and breakthrough. In 2013, Dr. Wu decided to resign from the work of Harvard University, return to start a business. In August 2013, Ji'nan Pan Sheng biological technology limited company officially registered in China Ji'nan Overseas Students Pioneer Park, located in the Ji'nan trough.
At present, these nude mice, which are known as the standard model of human skin, are mainly used to study the experiment. The development of cosmetics and skin drug needs through animal experiment many times before, mostly with rabbit and rat skin, a long human skin of nude mice, animal experiments will shorten the process, results are more accurate." Wu Xunwei said that human skin standard model can be "customized" according to customer demand, "some nude mice of human skin is a little bigger, some small, can also according to customer need regeneration two pieces of skin in a nude mice, but as long as the survival of nude mice, with experimental conditions, it can be used repeatedly."
Wu Xunwei said, around the skin regeneration, the company has developed a three product and a medical technology. In addition to the human skin, the standard model of this product, the other two types of products are co cultured by dermal cells and epidermal cells in vitro production of artificial epidermis, a variety of cytokines secreted by full-thickness skin, artificial skin and skin pigment extraction contains cells and dermal cells developed into artificial, spray, gel. The former can be used for protection of drug permeability and clinical detection of burn wound and diabetes, the latter for chronic skin wounds of diabetic foot treatment of bedsore, etc.." Wu Xunwei said, in addition, the core technology as the company's original - autologous cell transplantation repair and regeneration of skin technology, mainly used in skin scar repair, burn and scald, tattoos, eliminate hair regeneration etc.. "A piece of about 10 square centimeters of skin in this technology can be recovered about 2-3 weeks." Wu Xunwei said that at present these two products and technologies are undergoing clinical trials, is expected to be approved to enter the clinical to cure patients.
Ji'nan valley high power companies started off, 1000 high-tech projects in this transformation
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